The Papers of General Nathanael Greene

Abner Nash (c. 1740-1786)
(portrait -- 97k)

Abner Nash was a native Virginian, who had served two years in the Virginia House of Burgesses before moving to North Carolina in 1762. He quickly rose to prominence as a politician and lawyer in North Carolina and served in a variety of positions in both the revolutionary movement and the new state government. A political moderate, he was elected governor in the spring of 1780. He was described as a man of "fine natural parts," but one who "lacked tenacity of purpose." As a political leader, he lacked popularity and power; his administration has been characterized as "well-intentioned but ineffective." (Smith, "Politics," pp. 400, 420) Although he was nominated for a second term, Nash chose to retire to private life. A short time later, he reentered politics and was elected to Congress, where he was known as an advocate of a stronger national government. (DAB)
Excerpted from PGNG 6: 505n.