The Papers of Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Susan B. Anthony


My Dear Mrs. Stanton

Enclosed is a Call for a Woman's Rights Convention,— N.Y. State Con, to be held in Rochester the 1st or 2d week of Sept Dec. next—  [1] Will you sign the Call— isn't it beautifully written, by Mr. Channing—  I know you'll sign it, but then you must tell me by return mail— if I get no letter I shall take silence as consent—  I have long letter commenced to you, but have not been able to finish it, for want of time—  I will try & mail it ere long— it is relative to some new developements on Marriage & Divorce—  I hope you will be able to attend this Convention, the question upon which you have commenced an address is emphatically a practical one, & you ought to present it, so it seems to me—  I know of others who will talk upon that vital question—
We won't make President if you'll only come—  What do you say to having a man for President—  Would it be any more than equality to have a man President now & then— [2] We must make an appeal to employers in the various Trades to open their shops to women— also a statement of the Legal disabilities of Woman, with a petition to the Legislature praying for their removal
The redress of our Legal wrongs can only come through Legislation, & our Legislators will not be likely to act upon them, before we are wide enough awake to ask them to do so—
Mrs. Nichols Lectures to night on the Maine Law—  Don't you hope she will feel more sprightly than last Spring[3]— do write me by Mondays mail, & say that you will for the time waive household & baby cares & come to Rochester at the time of the Convention & open your mouth for the Good of the race—  Yours full of Hope

S. B. Anthony

I haven't asked Dame Bloomer to sign her worldwide name to the Call, if you think best you can ask her—  S. B. A.
ALS, ECS Papers, DLC.
    [1.] Enclosure missing. The call announced a convention to plan "prompt and efficient action" to correct abuses of woman's rights at the next legislative session. The text noted the need for equality in the areas of pay, access to occupations, widows' rights, rights to property, trial by jury, and suffrage. ECS signed the call but did not attend the convention on 30 November and 1 December. (Film, 7:840-41.)
    [2.] Samuel J. May presided at the convention.
    [3.] A reference to Clarina Nichols's speech at the Women's New York State Temperance Society meeting in June 1853.