The Papers of Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Susan B. Anthony

SBA to George W. Jonson[1]

Geo W. Jonson Dear Sir

To aid us in making a statement of the Legal Disabilities of Woman, to present to our next Legislature, will you please answer the following questions, as early as the 28th inst.
1st— In what respects are the Laws and Legal Usages of the State of New York unjust to Woman?
2nd— How may Women in the State of New York be placed on the ground of Legal Equality with men?
3d— Will you draw us up forms of Petitions to be presented to the Legislature of New York?
4th— To what points is it most judicious to direct the attention of Legislators in New Yorkfirst, in regard to Womans Legal Wrongs?
Hoping to see you at the Convention—I subscribe myself—Yours for Humanity

Susan B Anthony

AL, in hand of Mary S. Anthony, SBA Papers, NRU.
    [1.] George Washington Jonson (1801-1880) was an abolitionist, attorney, and Liberty party leader from Buffalo, New York. In 1852, as chairman of the New York State Central Committee of the Liberty Party, he sent a contribution to the National Woman's Rights Convention at Syracuse with a letter supporting woman's equal and "inalienable Right to Education, Suffrage, Office, Property, Professions, Titles, and Honors—to Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness." (Birney, Letters, 2:822; Proceedings of Woman's Rights Convention, 1852, 8-9.)