The Papers of Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Susan B. Anthony

SBA to Lucy Stone

Dearest Lucy:

. . . The Albany A.S. Convention to be Thursday Evening, Friday and Saturday, Feb. 19, 20, and 21st.
Lucy don't say No, I beseech of you. I want to announce you and Garrison to speak at the opening of it, Thursday evening. I do hope you will say Yes, by return mail. Your Woman's voice is needed on the side of "No Union with Slaveholders," but why do I tease you,— don't I know you will go, if possible?
Previous to the Albany Convention we are to hold conventions as follows,— all of which we very much want you to attend. Rochester, Buffalo, Syracuse, Utica, Albany. . . . Now Lucy, say by return mail which of these, if not all, you will attend. We want you, the Cause needs you, ah! how much. Never was there so much need for the true word to be spoken, though it is a matter of rejoicing that the old line Whig and Democrat is lifted up to the Republican Platform. It is very sad to see almost all of the formerly true Anti-Slavery men and women sunken down from their higher platform, to that of NonExtension only. Oh, Lucy do attend these Conventions. Your expenses shall be met. The rest I leave with others. . . .[1]

S. B. Anthony.

Transcript in hand of I. P. Boyer, Blackwell Papers, DLC; ellipses in original.
    [1.] Lucy Stone did not attend the Albany convention or join the tour. (L. Stone to SBA, 15 January 1857, Film, 8:846-49.)