The Papers of Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Susan B. Anthony

SBA to Samuel May, Jr.

Well Mr. May,

I am really at my own Farm Home, all nestled down in a blessed quiet—  And as I live over the experiences of the past six months, I can but acknowledge to myself— that Anti Slavery has made me richer & braver in spirit— & that it is the school of schools for the full & true developement of the nobler elements of life—
I find my Raspberry field looking finely— also my Strawberry bed—  The prospect for Peaches, cherries, plums—apples & pears is very promising—
Indeed all nature is clothed in her most hopeful dress—  It really seems to me that the trees and the grass & the large fields of waving grain did never look so beautifully as now—  It is more probable however, that my soul has grown to appreciate Nature more fully, than that she has taken to herself new charms—
I have just received a note from Lucy Stone, relative to the place of holding our next Woman's Rights Con.[2] She names Worcester, Providence & Newark—  It seems to me Boston is a better place than either of those—  My mind, as to that National Con. is to turn it over to Anniversary Week, in N. York— & just have one day— merely to bear our testimony on the question—  When you write, please say what is your judgement as to place for this Fall—   Yours Truly

Susan B. Anthony

ALS, Papers of SBA, NPV. In Film, identified as probably addressed to Samuel J. May; the new identification remains in doubt.
    [1.] Dated by SBA's answer to the letter from Lucy Stone mentioned herein.
    [2.] L. Stone to SBA, dated "Thursday July 11 57," by which Stone meant June. (Film, 8:922-27.)