The Papers of Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Susan B. Anthony

Map 19: American Anti-Slavery Society Meetings, September to October 1857

Collins Center, Erie County -- October 3rd and 4th
Westfield, Chautauque County -- October 5th and 6th
Laona, Chautauque County -- October 7th and 8th
Stockton, Chautauque County -- October 9th
Hartfield, Chautauque County -- October 11th
Adapted from Thomas Petingale and L. P. Behn, "Map of the Rail Roads of The State of New York Showing Stations, Distances & Connections with Other Roads," 1858, Map Collections, 1597-1988: Railroad Maps, Library of Congress, Geography and Map Division. [Online] Available, Library of Congress, Washington D. C.
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