The Papers of Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Susan B. Anthony

Gerrit and Ann Fitzhugh Smith, and family

Gerrit Smith (1797-1874) was ECS's first cousin and the person who introduced her to Henry Stanton. He married Ann Carroll Fitzhugh Smith (1805-1875), known as Nancy, in 1822. Philanthropists and activists, Gerrit and Ann Smith had committed themselves to the immediate abolition of slavery since 1835 and were prominent within New York State and national antislavery societies, serving as officers at state and national conventions. They lived in Petersboro, New York, where they entertained most of the reformers of the day. Gerrit Smith was a political abolitionist, and in 1840 helped to found the Liberty party. When the Liberty party united with the Free Soil party, Smith left to start the Liberty League, and was the presidential candidate of the league in 1848. The Smiths' daughter, Elizabeth (1822-1911) married Charles Dudley Miller (1818-1896) in 1843. In 1845, Gerrit Smith asked Charles to work in the business office at Peterboro, and the Millers settled into their own house near the Smiths. In 1850 Elizabeth Smith Miller introduced the short dress and trousers that became known as the bloomer costume and was donned by a number of woman's rights activists, including ECS, SBA, and Lucy Stone.
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